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terms & conditions


Dates only held on receipt of a £100 Booking Fee per property.  Full payment  is required 8 weeks in advance of the dates of your stay.  Preferred method of payment is online bank transfer or cheque payment. Damage/Noise deposits can be made in cash on arrival.  


Cancellations subject to a charge. Refunds are calculated from the day that written notice is received by Coldblow Farm.


No. of days 

Amount you must pay on cancellation:

More than 56 days  -  25% of the total cost of your stay

55 – 42 days  -  30% of the total cost of your stay

41 – 28 days  -  60% of the total cost of your stay

27 – 15 days  -  90% of the total cost of your stay

14 days or less  -  The total cost of your stay.


It is normal practice to bring your own sleeping bags and towels when staying in The Long Barn.  If you are unable to do this, we can hire out linen packs (sheets, duvet, pillow case and towel).  Please order linen packs at the time of initial booking.  Linen is provided in the Flint Cottage, Barn & Lodge and The Old Byre.


Please telephone Coldblow Farm to confirm time of arrival on 01622 730439. Arrival MUST be after 4pm unless a special arrangement has been made.


At busy times groups often follow straight after each other, even Sundays, and the Barns must be cleaned and safety checked between groups. Departure MUST be before 10:00 am unless you have made an alternative arrangement.  Before leaving the accommodation, please check that your group has left the barns clean and tidy (See Rules & Conditions below) and leave the keys in the door.



Drivers of Mini buses/coaches/towing/: DO NOT APPROACH FROM JUNCTION 7 of the M20 -  See full info & directions on this website.


To help us and other Barns under the YHA & Independent Hostel Association schemes keep prices low, visitors are asked to do their own tidying, washing up and sweeping the floor.  Hire charges for The Long Barn & Old Byre are much lower than hotels to reflect the fact that groups are expected to clean up after their stay.   In other words please stick to the philosophy “leave the Barn as you find it”.  Sadly, some groups interpret this in different ways (!) in which case we may deduct various costs from the Deposit.


Damage/Cleaning/Noise deposit amounts:  
£200 - for the Long Barn, The Old Byre or Flint Cottage, Barn or Lodge
£250 – Stag/Hen & Parties, Youth Groups, Sports Clubs, University/College Groups


Please note: The accommodation is checked before and after each stay during the Cleaning process.  Providing damage etc has not occurred during your stay; the damage/cleaning deposit will be returned to you in the week following your stay.  Please see the section ‘Rules & Conditions” below for further details.


It is an absolute condition of Booking that you and your entire group adhere to the following:

No responsibility can be accepted for any personal possessions left on the premises either during or after your stay.  We will, however, endeavor to return to you any items left behind if you advise where to send to & pay p&p.

Damage Deposits Your deposit will be returned less any deductions for the following:

  • cutlery/crockery not washed up properly and put back inside cupboards or moved from one building to another;

  • rubbish not bagged up and taken to the rubbish collection area outside

  • breakages or loss of any fixtures, fittings or equipment including crockery, cutlery etc., damage to paintwork (please do not stick notices on painted walls);

  • vomit in the toilets/showers or toilet paper fights;

  • litter, dirt or mess or beer/wine spilt on floors or outside Barns;

  • cigarette stubs dropped on the ground outside;

  • lights left on after your departure; lost keys, missing pillows

All repairs & replacements charged at purchase cost plus £15-25 per hour for labour.


NOISE - Please consider users of other barns and our neighbours.  This is not a suitable venue for loud music, raves or all night parties.   If you are having any sort of party or music you must discuss your plans fully with us and strictly adhere to the time we ask you to reduce volume levels.  Noise (music/loud singing, games etc) must be reduced to an absolute minimum by 11 p.m. at latest.  If we have to come out at night to ask you to reduce the noise there will be a £50 call out charge deducted from deposit. 

FIREWORKS or Open Fires are NOT ALLOWED due to proximity of farm animals, horses and vulnerable buildings.

RESTRICTED AREAS - Some areas of the farm are strictly out of bounds.  Please adhere to 'no entry to campers' signs.  This rule must be adhered to for your safety and important insurance reasons.  You may also set off a security alarm for which there is a £50 call out charge at night.

BAR-B-QUES - We do provide mobile bar-b-ques but these must be used with utmost care.  Please DO NOT burn anything but proper charcoal in them.  If it is very windy we may ask that you do not use the Bar-b-ques due to the risk of fire.  Ensure that there is both a sand bucket and bucket of water nearby.

DOGS - Must be kept on a lead and under strict control at all times.  We have free range chickens and several farm cats.

VISITORS – Due to insurance and health & safety restrictions and parking availability, we can only accommodate the number of persons that you have paid for in your group i.e. if you are planning on bringing ‘day visitors’, who will leave in the evening, you will need to book extra ‘beds’ for these persons even if they will not be staying for the night.

CANDLES – Due to fire safety restrictions you must not burn candles of any sort.

HEATING - The central heating in all Cottages & Barns is on a timer and is set to come on for a few hours in the morning and evening during cold periods.  If you require additional heating we can switch it over to 'Constant' but we will require £10 supplement per 12 hours due to the huge increases in oil prices.  If, on the other hand, you are too warm please turn down the thermostatic valve on each radiator before opening windows.  In Flint Barn & Flint Lodge the heating is underfloor from a ground source heat pump keeping a constant comfortable temperature.

SMOKING - Smoking is not allowed inside any of the Barns.  If you wish to smoke please do this outside and put cigarette ends in the sand bins provided - not on the ground.  

DRUGS & ALCOHOL - If we have any suspicion that you or members of your group are using drugs or are consuming so much alcohol that they are a danger or nuisance to themselves, members of your group or other people staying here we will not hesitate to ask your group to leave immediately and may also call the Police.

MINORS – We cannot accept unaccompanied minors (i.e. persons under the age of 18).  A parent or legal guardian in loco parentis must accompany all persons under the age of 18 at all times during their stay.


Please leave keys in door on departure.

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